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Purposeful, limitless and fluid… I believe art is meant to pander to an infinite audience. It serves humanity as both a muse and an explanation. In the history of our universe even the most dissonant times have their moments of clarity, peace and perfection. The simple coupling of words and vision can do more than successfully market a product or service…they can cause eras to pause and pivot. This is the standard I use to define my aspirations…personal and professional. An artist’s nirvana is to cause pause and pivot.

Whether by fluke or calculation, I revel in the ability of language and art to cause change. I enjoy how the subtle placement of words and image can start a conversation, or how a more poetic arrangement, can rouse visceral emotion. I want to play with and manipulate vocabulary seated beside a like-minded motley crew.

I have one life to etch a positive mark and lay proof to my existence. The depth of the mark I lay depends on my courage to make friends with my fear. My fear and I have caught our dancing shadows and jumped down rabbit holes. I have courageously though not always gracefully embraced our failures because I know, better openings are mine to paint. I strive to conduct my work ethic the way I color my life...boldly, critically…and unapologetically searching for the sharper pencil.

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Nowhere Boy

"Why couldn't G-d make me Elvis?" "Because he was saving you for John Lennon"

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